Some of the very best endurance athletes in the world, and friends/mentors of Lionhearts Fitness, choose, endorse, and rave about SUR and their supplements, especially ALTRED.


We are not marketing this amazing product to our youth, but our mentors and OCR heros know what is best for our adults!

AltRed is clinically proven to be a reliable, clean, plant-based nutrient to keep your body moving and recovery time down.

AltRed has been proven to have many benefits, such as lowering blood lactate levels. Proven with runners, they experienced a 14% lower blood lactate level in a time trial. Lionhearts believe we owe it to our racing and endurance athletes to inform them. Please, do your own research. That’s why you will find little information here. Ask the elites, contact any of these Lionhearts Mentors. Search the Sur website and even grab a sample. We have codes to help you pay for it. 

Check out these amazing athletes and follow their social media. Many coach also.

Lionhearts will have a new Mentors Page up to showcase those who are truly honored to call mentors. You will find exceptional athletes, coaches and supporters of Lionhearts! This page is filled with the same, yet all are part of the Sur Team.


BIOS of all Athletes Coming Soon, follow them on Instagram! 

CJ Drosa CLICK IMAGE for Discounts and Link 
Noel #SweatCheck
Michael Garcia Click Image for Professional Training
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Jess Sheppard Click Image
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What is AltRED?   




  Why do we endorse and support it?  It is AMAZING and since meeting the above elite/pro athletes who swear by it, we were determined to research it and take advantage of their expertise.





Since then OCR Luccketta’s race time has improved by leaps and bounds, with zero cramping!


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We became spokespersons and ambassadors to spread the word of this amazing natural product.

It truly is spectacular. We receive absolutely nothing for our testimony.

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You can ask any one of these amazing , powerful athletes. 
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The very best of the best use Sur!