OCR 2021
Races with the youth started back up and we are very excited for the year 2022, especially with the partnership and sponsorship with SAVAGE RACES! You will see us at every Savage Race that we can travel to. Thanks to your donations, support and the partnership of this wonderful organization.


Luccketta raced very hard this year to promote Lionhearts Fitness.

He paid his way through races, via volunteering and he paid for his travel through private sponsorships.

Because of his hard work and determination, we can now provide free RACES, Training and community building.

I am his mom, what they call a “Momager” and the director of Lionhearts Fitness.

We are incredibly proud of Luccketta’s hard work and determination.

He made it so our Sponsors, from around the world, knew our mission.


Luccketta comes home from a weekend of racing hard, then volunteers as a coach to the Lionhearts all week long.

He is a Junior in HS and a volunteer firefighter in training. He loves fishing, camping and reading.
Here is a small album of the many races of the year 2021.

Luccketta wears Legendborne jerseys. He also endorses Race Ready Obstacles, Fitbar Strong and Dr. Pat McCarver, all who sponsor Lionhearts Fitness.

2021 was Luccketta’s true year of competition, placing 5th in the National Series, Qualifying for OCRW and Spartan Nationals.

His Coaches include: Rachel Watters, Tommy Davidson, Tom Brabston, and Jason Deem.
His mentors are countless, and that’s what makes this community so incredible. He was mentored by many, that are now mentors, officially for Lionhearts Fitness.
It’s helped us serve, so many.OCR LUCCKETTA