What a year 2020 has turned out to be!

Lionhearts has been incredibly blessed by the participation of the parents and family. We wouldn’t make it through these challenges without each other.

Here is a heads up.

I would like to offer day classes at Lionhearts..similar to camps…Homeschool helps with tutors etc.


Are we ready?


We have Tues and Thurs OCR Classes already 5-7pm and Fridays for just Teens.


With everything up in the air about schools..all counties and 2 states..all up in the air..I want to offer a place for fun, unity, physical fitness. Community Service..

Camps are over, but it will be similar..but with more diversity and fun added.


We would like more parent involvement, to help provide a class or two a week, highlighting a special talent that the parent can teach and other mentors throughout the community could help also. Art? Painting techniques? Baseball helps? Soccer drills? Magic tricks? Theater? Choir singing? Chess?


Just once a month?


What do you think? During homeschool times, helps with assorted classes could be provided by tutors and parents. We have many new obstacles and a lot of fun in store.

We also have new adult coaches to get us ready for Scenic City Mud Run and future Spartan races. I am ready… we have this..together.


Please check out our PAWS Page on Facebook! (Parents and Whateva’ ‘Sociation)


Lionhearts Handbook 2020 (Click Here)

Parents! Volunteers! Coaches! 

Thank you for helping us keep your youth safe.

We need volunteers! We need a lot of help. We want to grow PAWS as quickly and efficiently as we have Lionhearts Fitness.


Lionhearts Fitness Youth Waiver

Waivers for Translation (Google, Babblefish etc.)

Thank you ~shell