Our Youth Center has made itself available to help our community during this crisis. We don’t provide meals, but if anyone needs food we would make arrangements. We have arts and crafts, youth gym and help with school work. We take every precaution to keep it safe.

We are staying available until our community says that it’s best we don;

ANNOUNCEMENT: Both our TN and N. GA Lionhearts have had school shut down for 2 weeks. (Specifically Hamilton Co. and Catoosa County.)

Prayers and blessings.

We will have games, arts and crafts and other assorted activities.

Lionhearts Homeschool Fitness

Lionhearts Fitness Center

Lionhearts Fitness

CAMPS and OCR (Depends on Savage Race, Atlanta, Ga (SAVAGE JUST announced they have postponed their event.) and Spartan and @Spartan Kids)

Will remain open until the Government deems otherwise.

We are open M-F 8am -7PM


Camps start at Spring Break for both Hamilton, Catoosa and Walker and will depend on @Eastridge Parks and Rec and Camp Jordan. We will be open here at the Center if the Parks and Rec close. 


Schools, parks and rec, churches and church youth groups have all closed for at least two weeks.

Most families are choosing to stay home.

We have chess club and Teen Time tonight as regularly scheduled.

We will start the DA

Y CAMPS Monday, March 16th. We will basically use the same agenda and protocol as our seasonal Day Camps, all info, parent forms, agendas are on our website.

Parents and Community have generously provided sanitizer and arts and craft supplies.

If over the course of the weekend the community, government or powers that be, report that it’s not for the best of the community, we will abide by their decision.

We are a non profit, volunteer only community service. We are funded by the community , for the community, to serve the community.


We keep adding updates as they come up. I will just add them to this post, rather than spam you. We have enough stress!!

Lionhearts Fitness Center remains a “nophone” zone but will be providing wifi for all study. Thank you to all educators for providing lesson plans on a 24hour notice. We applaud you and hope to be of service in this area. We will have parents and teens helping in this area.



Professional Deep Cleaner Bridgett Viox is coming to deep clean the Center on Sunday.
Please, thank her for her services and hire her for your deep cleaning needs.
We both use Norwex products and she is also bringing hospital grade supplies.




Spring Camp


Drop your child off for the day!!

Itinerary is ready! Did you read the Parents Handbook? You can download it from our parents page. Please, remember to pay via donation.


During Hamilton County and Catoosa County Spring breaks.

Space is limited! Register Here

All day Fitness and Fun Camps!!








Summer Camps 2019 were an incredible success! We are now gearing towards our 2020 Camps! How exciting.
We have pages of photo on our Facebook sites. 
Here is a selection: (If you would like photos of your child, please let us know. We have an endless supply and are happy to send you digital copies.)

We have 3 more weeks of Summer Camp ahead. Sign up now to join the fun!


Time to sign up!     


Link to Weekly Itinerary and Supply Lists:

Carnival of Fitness Camps Duration Location Cost

5/26-31   Launch: Conditioning Fitness  Jack Mattox $125

6/3-7        Trail Hiking & Conservation 1 week Elsie Park $125

6/17-21    Obstacle Course Racing & Conditioning 1 week Our House Studios $110

6/24-28    Fishing Camp & River Wonders 1 week Elsie Park $150

7/8-12       Water Days & Nerf Wars 1 week Jack Mattox or Poplar Springs $150

7/15-19     Baseball Pitching and Fundamental Clinics 1 week Jack Mattox $125

7/22-25     Theater in the Amphitheater 1 week (last) Amphitheater $125

Camp 7 weeks Packages  Regular Cost $910 Save $310 Pay only $600.

Camp 7 weeks Packages 2 youth  $1210

Summer Camps are anywhere from $110-150 a week per child. If you pay for the complete 7 weeks you get a huge savings, ($300 savings!) and a free camp T-shirt. We also have large savings if you purchase the full summer camp package for more than one child. Please inquire if interested.

Specialty weeks of fun, all include daily fitness, bonding, team building and community awareness.

The first week will tie into the second, and the third, etc.

Our Summer Camps are very much like our Spring Camp, but with larger more intense themes!

Although we will have a Water and Nerf Gun centered week, each week will end with Nerf Gun Games and festivities.

We will have defined and structured activities daily. You will have access to our daily schedules, just like our Spring Camps.

Our last week of camp will be more fitness with a Theatrical element. A play written and performed by our youth and presented free to the community as we attend our end of camps banquet and awards ceremony.

Camps are all day. We run each camp at 8 am- 5pm (Unless prior arrangements are made.) We were 7am-6pm but parents came later and left earlier!

Each Week has it’s own facility and drop off station. We are very excited! Let the fun begin!

Lionhearts Fitness and Youth OCR is a multifaceted non profit organization, providing fitness to all youth. Your donations and your fees (those who can afford it, ) go straight to helping the youth. Great job community. This is working. It’s really helping many.

The County Facilities, both Catoosa County Recreation Department AND East Ridge Parks and Recreation Department and Camp Jordan Park, News Media, Our House Studios Inc OCRaddix (T-shirts) and many giving, charitable, individuals are making this a huge success for our youth, all youth. Thank you, very much. ~shell 



Spring Camp was a huge success and we are taking the very best of that experience and offering our youth 7 weeks of wonderful experiences!


Spartan and Racing


We will still be participating in our OCR training and racing. Most races are on the weekends. We will be focusing on training and conditioning in every camp! Don’t let the fun fool you! Fitness is FUN!

Community Service

Community Service is a constant and we will have plenty of opportunities to serve our community. Again these activities are normally on Saturdays.


Lionhearts Fitness and Youth OCR is a multifaceted non profit providing fitness to all youth. Your donations and your fees (those who can afford it, ) go straight to helping the youth. Great job community. This is working. It’s really helping many. 

Hours are: 7:30 am-6pm Classes are structured between 8am-4pm. You may pick your child up early. Late pick up will accumulate big charges as described in the handbook. 

Camp Jordan and the Eastridge Parks and Recreation have joined our community efforts in bringing affordable fitness to all youth!! They will be hosting our Spring Fitness Camps! It’s coming up soon , so we wanted to let you know now!

They really believe in helping our community, as do we.

Our Fitness Camps, like our OCR, Team Conditioning and school involvement, are crossing all boundaries! We are in both GA and TN serving multi counties , reaching as many of the youth as we can.

The community is truly rallying behind our efforts.

We will also have Summer, Fall and Winter Camps, hosted by various fitness facilities, in the multiple counties.

We will soon have LionsROAR! Our Adaptive Youth Program.

No cuts, no tryouts, Community Funded Fitness. No child left behind, regardless of demographics, abilities, socio-economic status, and age. No child left behind.

We have a drop off area right at the Camp Jordan Pavillion. It’s safe, contained and has it’s own playground. We have access to the amphitheater, kitchen and full fields and even OCR area!! Oh the Fun we will have!

Earliest drop off 7:30am-latest pick up 6pm (or charged.)
Classes start at 8 and you may pick up at 4pm.

You can register NOW to save your spot. They are filling up fast. (Summer there will be more.)You can pay at here 

Just click the Sponsor a child button. While you are here, feel free to sponsor a needy child or two. Thank you.

Lionhearts Fitness will have assorted Social Media pages for each branch of activity (OCR, Camps, LionsRoar,) but everything is available, including waivers and parent welcome packets/handbooks, here on our website.

Thank you for making Lionhearts Fitness and Youth OCR a reality, helping the youth of our community on a full scale.


Register Here for SPRING CAMP

Lionhearts Camp Handbook

Parents Page for forms and Handbooks




Summer Camps will be separate week Camps, giving all youth an opportunity to participate. The Camp Fees for Summer will vary. We will provide you with all fees, with the finalized calendar of events. We will be accepting early registration and deposits. Camp class sizes will vary, but they have some limits. That too will be defined in the upcoming calendars. 

No child left behind and we will make sure all youth will be able to participate in 1 or more of the Camp of their choosing, throughout the summer. Early Registration will help us organize that. 

All of this will be finalized and offered to you by the beginning of April. 


Conditioning Fitness

Trail Hiking and Conservation

Water Days and Nerf Wars

Obstacle Course Racing and Conditioning

Fishing Camp and River Wonders

Baseball Pitching and Fundamental Clinics

Soccer Foot Work and Fancy Feet Week

Theater in the Amphitheater

Scavenger Hunts, Out Door Hide and Seek, Bubble Wars and so much more.

Mentor Madness


More about it all soon!!