Race Ready Obstacles

Are you ready?

Race Ready Obstacles has made sure that Lionhearts Fitness is Race Ready.

We have been sponsored, endorsed and mentored by our friends :

Aaron and Dana have gone out of their way to help the OCR Community, at every turn.

Like minded, passionate individuals, veteran owned,  hand forged , strongest grips and obstacles to be found.

We know this because we serve 100+ wall climbing, swinging, youth and adults!!


We proudly endorse and represent Race Ready Obstacles.

We have many beautiful gifts from them, but we also support them. We purchased their “Twister.” One of the greatest investments ever for our OCR gym.


Working with both Race Ready and Fitbar Strong  We will be creating portable Rigs for outdoor play and events. We will also be using them in out 7k foot OCR Fitness Center.

We wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without the help and sponsorship of Race Ready Obstacles. They, and friend Tommy Davidson, gave us our very first grips and obstacles. It’s an amazing community, creating community, to serve our community.

We proudly wear Race Ready Obstacles on our Jerseys and have since day one.

Thanks to their gifts and support

OCR Luccketta

has qualified for the Spartan North American Championship and he will be racing proudly representing Lionhearts

Race Ready Obstacles , Legendborne, IBEW Local175, McCarver Family Chiropractor, Double D Piping and Fitting.

These people and companies, helped us help others and for that, we will always be grateful. It takes a village.

We are, and always will be, dependent on your donations and sponsorships.

We are 100% Free Fitness for all and 100% volunteers

Thank you Race Ready Obstacles.


Get your gear now!!! RACE READY OBSTACLES

Lionhearts LOVING their RACEREADY and FITBAR STRONG gear!