The best of us, is you!!

One minute on the podium, the next volunteering and lifting others.
A huge congratulations to everybody for showing up, participating, competing, giving your best, and giving to others.
If you wonder, EVER wonder where your donations go, watch these videos.


We are not a competitive team.
We are all for one one for all team.
We added the option to compete after a few of our youth wanted to try.

It is still mandatory that they do the all-for-one race the group challenge together one obstacle at a time making sure that no man is left behind every race

After they’ve done so or after they’ve committed to doing so they can run a competitive heat. We brought home 6 podiums! We are so proud. AND everyone conquered a course.
We even had quite a few parents and grandparents joining us!

Although not a competitive team, we CELEBRATE every victory of personal achievement. In just the past few weeks:

  • SAVAGE 3 Podiums
  • The 2nd place BEST TEAM because of the podiums
  • (It was a hard course, many DNF)

  • ALL LIONHEARTS Conquered the obstacles at least 1x

  • Our Spartan Kids took home 3 Spartan Kids Races

  • Our teens took home 3 Super AG podiums!
Empowering our youth to face the obstacles, individually, knowing there is help in the commu
nity, at any time, to help them through.
The youth miraculously growing beyond expectations have now included their parents and their grandparents to do the same.