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We will link all sponsors here. Please, support those, supporting others. Thank you for everything.

A list of our paid sponsors are on the back of our NEW shirts.

Sponsors and Supporters

The Community is our foundation. 

The Catoosa County Chamber of commerce has been the very best thing for Lionhearts Fitness.

Our Leads Group LOOP is unmatched in support.

The Chattanooga Chamber and the Hamilton Chamber are both valuable assets also.

2020 Honored and Blessed to have such support.

Thanks to our community we have enough baseball bats and mitts for our youth! We are still gathering other sporting equipment but we have received fishing poles from fellow LOOP member Dr. Patrick McCarver and so much more.

Other great donations that have come in:

Board games and chess sets, which the youth just love (we started with one and now have 6, with all being used often!)

Much Facility Equipment from Tommy Davidson and Maryann, including rings, pull up bar and so much more.

We have a WISHLIST on AMAZON and have rec’d many items and need so much more.


It takes a village. 

Proud Supporters of Lionhearts Fitness

We have proudly worn their emblem on all of our Lionhearts Fitness Race Shirt We hang their banner high at the Lionhearts Fitness Center

Tommy Davidson and Maryann Bruce

Top Supporter and Friend of Lionhearts Fitness
Financial, Emotional, Educational Support

Board Member

Tracy Luccketta

Top Supporter and Friend of Lionhearts Fitness

Board Member

Emerson Russell

Top Supporter and Friend of Lionhearts Fitness

The Community:

East Ridge Parks and Recreation

Catoosa County Parks and Recreation

Catoosa County Chamber of Commerce

Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

LOOP Lead Group

Emerson Russell donated our Fireproof graded Sheetrock, tape, mud and studs. He is our advisor, mentor and above all, our friend.

We will soon be adding all the wonderful Racing Community Supporters soon!

The Nitty Gritty

Michele “~shell” Luccketta   50hr weeks ZERO DOLLARS

Building website, business plan, all graphic design application, business management, business forms, program coordinator and creator, facility shopping, getting facility (water, electricity etc.) , developing facility, community immersed, social media marketing and management. Coaching, training, outside training seminars. Community Services. Developing Youth Camps, Agendas and Development plans. Adaptive Youth Work/Training

Youth Camps, Races, classes, youth gatherings.

Zero dollars. Legacy building

Tracy Luccketta a national accounting manager does all bookkeeping, accounting and investing.

ZERO DOLLARS (recd) Thousands invested.

Where does your money go?
Prizes and games, for the youth, from the Dollar Tree.
Monthly Lease Lionhearts Fitness Center
Water and Electricity
T-Shirts (Our largest expense to date at $2000 per run)
How much do we need? We are ever expanding. We need at least 2K Monthly 24K a year.
What will we do? Grant Writing, Fundraisers, Sponsorships

Family and Friends:

Jeanne Bell

John Bouwhuis 


Good Morning Chattanooga – Greg Funderburg 

Writer-Tamara Wolk

Radio Host- Rick Zeisig 

Accountability, transparency and integrity.