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Lionhearts Fitness and Youth OCR

A non-profit: for the community, by the community, giving back to the community organization.                                                                                       


Please, help us help others. For more information, please go to our “about” page.   

Lionhearts Fitness has grown so much this past year. We started as a youth “class.” We wanted to help youth overcome obstacles, like in an Obstacle Course. We have grown into a youth organization, club, and Fitness Center.

We now, not only have OCR, but we have Chess, Art, Racing, Theater (We even wrote a Fight Song!”) We support our youth in all of their other activities. 

We have our own Lionhearts Fitness and Youth Center, but we are also working with adults too. 

We have it all. It is still, for the community , by the community. We still have mandatory community service, our infamous “Lionhearts Fitness is  no phone zone”, anti bullying policies.

We have branched out to many more services

Lionhearts Youth OCR, LionsROAR (adaptive youth focus,) Lionhearts Fitness Camps, Team and Personal Training, Massage and Muscle Therapy. We have a lovely new Spa Room in the new facility.


What a great opportunity. Thank you Channel 9. WTVC-TV
How fun is James Howard?? Delightful. 
Thank you for your support of Lionhearts Fitness and Youth OCR at Our House studios!! 


Rick Zeisig has been interviewing us and giving us “shout outs,” on KZ106 and Facebook Live! Thanks Rick for your support!


Lionhearts Fitness and James Howard “This and That” 2-20-19

New fireside chat coming soon.

Community Service has Begun!
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Our dear friend

Greg Funderburg

helped us get the word out! We will be chatting with him again soon about our Summer Camps! Follow him on Facebook or his website https://www.gregfunderburg.com/