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Free Fitness for ALL youth! N. GA and E. TN 

For the Community, Provided by the Community, To better our Community, To serve our World.

Not a Franchise. A mother and son endeavor. Story here:



Thank You Emerson!

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Facebook, We have many pages. Lionhearts Fitness, Lionhearts Homeschool Fitness, OCR Luccketta and Spartan Shell  and another shell
Members only PAWS
We also have multiple Instagram Pages: Lionhearts Fitness, Lionhearts OCR, Spartan shell and OCR Luccketta
Tiktok has  two shell and OCR Luccketta
YouTube is Lionhearts Fitness
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Check out this FRONT PAGE Feature Article about Luccketta and Lionhearts Fitness!

Zachary is taking orders!

Zachary is taking orders for
3-D printed Lithopane Nightlights.
All he needs is a reasonably clear photo.
He has set the price at $25 shipped.
Each additional nightlight ordered would be $20.
He’d love to make one (or two!) for you.
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SPARTAN Merchandise 

SPARTAN Nutrition

Go to link and use SAP code!

SAP-187357V Spartan
SAPTM-187357 for TM

Please help us take over the internet algorithms to help promote our mission.

We need YOUR help to fund:  racing, our lease, equipment and we even have a WISHLIST: AMAZON WISHLIST 

Lionhearts Fitness has grown tremendously. How much does it cost?


Sam Abbitt founder and owner of Savage Race and Joe De Sena of Spartan have made certain that all Lionhearts Race, through partnership and sponsorship!

We also partnered up with LegendBorne Sportswear and OCR Buddy.

RaceReady Obstacles and Fitbar Strong have been our greatest supporters and sponsors. Please, support them, as they have so generously supported us. 

There is so much going on! 

We had an amazing Race in FL July 29-30 Luccketta, Katarina and Colette competed in the Ultimate OCR Competition. It was a “Mashup” of American Ninja Warrior and Spartan.

Our youth, our community are worth it all!

We are, always will be, 100% donation driven. 100% FREE to ALL youth, 100% Volunteers.


Daniel Ward of 

Ward Wrestling

interviewing Michele “shell” Luccketta and Rachel Watters of Lionhearts Fitness with


Chief of Staff Dan McDonald.

Spartan Ambassador SAP Code 20% off all Races Make sure to use the DASH

Our Lionhearts parents became Spartan for the very first time, accomplishing a SUPER! A very difficult course.
Spartan is now a FULL sponsor of Lionhearts Fitness. We have actually partnered with them and you will see us at all the races within a few hours of our region.

Savage Race started the ball rolling and was the first race brand to sponsor Lionhearts Youth!

LegendBorne is a partner and Sponsor of Lionhearts Fitness!! For 15% off all
LIONHEARTS Sportswear (only) use code lionhearts at checkout. For customization contact me with your name. We have you covered! We love having you represent Lionhearts Fitness.
OCR Buddy Your one stop for schedules, races, discounts and more.
We have a growing competitive team and have partnered with LegendBorne to provide competitive jerseys in youth sizes! We have Spartan World Qualifiers, in our very first race. Our Lionhearts took first and second place in their first competitive race.

OCR Luccketta

Our MISSION remains the same, and always will.
Please Click HERE for a better understanding of who we are.

Elite OCR Coaches Friday 6pm-7pm Adult Fitness Open Free with Key Code


Lionhearts Family and Friends:

It’s pretty hard keeping up with us these days!

Race Season, Summer Camps, Fundraising and all kinds of fun.

Please, follow our Social Media pages for daily updates! We have been zooming with the youth qualifying for world championships, young ones able to conquer obstacles in a single bound, monthly community service and so much more. We also get great sponsor discounts and even free races.


There is so much going on and we are very excited! We try to keep you updated on our social media pages, especially our parents page PAWS on Facebook.


We are 100% Volunteers and 100% Donation Driven



Lionhearts Fitness Center 4075 Cloud Springs Rd


Lionhearts is all about our children, or is it? It’s ALL about our COMMUNITY and our youth are the foundation of the future of our community. We have partnered with many amazing servants of our community.



#Mentors Matter

Rachel Watters, started it all.


Donation Opportunities

Empowering Mind Body and Soul


Thank you for your support of Lionhearts Fitness