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Daniel Ward of  Ward Wrestling interviewing Michele “shell” Luccketta and Rachel Watters of Lionhearts Fitness with Spartan Chief of Staff Dan McDonald.

Lionhearts Mission: To empower our youth to face fears and conquer obstacles, knowing their worth, building self-worth as well as becoming stronger physically. Obstacle Racing, particularly in team racing, develops community, unity, strength and empowerment by helping others. No one is left out, left behind.


NEW ADULT CLASSES, To Empower our adults to help our youth! New Coaches, New Community Servants! Join US.


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Thank you, SPARTAN, Troy Luccketta , K-Rizz Music and band for your part in the AMAZING Fundraiser and Spartan Race Nashville 2022.

I am so proud of my husband, his brother, The band, Our Lionhearts youth.
1. We had our first teen Sprint team ever.
2. We had two days of competitions for the littles and they podiumed both days.
3. We had 3 Adults racing and podiums won.
4. Luccketta raced over 5 Races…
5. Never mind all of our friends, supporters, sponsors and countless podiums.
Our Lionhearts parents became Spartan for the very first time, accomplishing a SUPER! A very difficult course.



is now a FULL sponsor of Lionhearts Fitness. We have actually partnered with them and you will see us at all the races within a few hours of our region.

Savage Race started the ball rolling and was the first race brand to sponsor Lionhearts Youth!

LegendBorne is a partner and Sponsor of Lionhearts Fitness!! For 15% off all LIONHEARTS Sportswear (only) use code lionhearts at checkout. For customization contact me with your name. We have you covered! We love having you represent Lionhearts Fitness.

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OCR Training and conditioning, (all ages 5+) Tues and Thursdays           5pm-7pm

Homeschool Physical Fitness

Tues and Thursdays          2pm-4pm

Wed 5pm-7 Girls Night (ages 7+)

OCR Training with Certified Elite OCR Coaches 

Teen Night Fridays 5pm-7pm Teens and ADULTS

Adult Fitness Sundays 2-4PM

We have a growing competitive team and have partnered with LegendBorne to provide competitive jerseys in youth sizes! 
We have Spartan World Qualifiers, in our very first race. Our Lionhearts took first and second place in their first competitive race.

We have quite a bit youth wanting to join us all in Florida in December.
Although we have competitors, including

OCR Luccketta

Our MISSION remains the same, and always will.

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OCR Women, beautiful, professional, and elite, came together to create a beautiful Race Calendar.
100% of all proceeds will go to Lionhearts Fitness and support the Lionhearts Fitness Center



Daniel is back! Creating New Obstacles and beautiful Lionhearts Patches, Hats, Shorts and more! He can customize items with your name. Support Lionhearts with a purchase of Lionhearts “Swag” below!

Elite OCR Coaches Friday 6pm-7pm Adult Fitness Open Free with Key Code

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SPARTAN Merchandise 

SPARTAN Nutrition

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Please help us take over the internet algorithms to help promote our mission.

We need YOUR help to fund:  racing, our lease, equipment and we even have a WISHLIST: AMAZON WISHLIST 

Lionhearts Fitness has grown tremendously. How much does it cost?


Sam Abbitt founder and owner of Savage Race and Joe De Sena of Spartan have made certain that all Lionhearts Race, through partnership and sponsorship!

We also partnered up with LegendBorne Sportswear and OCR Buddy.

RaceReady Obstacles and Fitbar Strong have been our greatest supporters and sponsors. Please, support them, as they have so generously supported us. (Updated Sponsor Pages Soon.)

Lionhearts Family and Friends:

Thirty7s Custom Apparel

It’s pretty hard keeping up with us these days!

Race Season, Summer Camps, Fundraising and all kinds of fun. 

Please, follow our Social Media pages for daily updates! We have been zooming with the youth qualifying for world championships, young ones able to conquer obstacles in a single bound, monthly community service and so much more. We also get great sponsor discounts and even free races. 


We are 100% Volunteers and 100% Donation Driven

For the community, provided by the community, to serve the community,

We have many new sponsors, which we hope that you support, by following their social media accounts as well as utilize their services!



A Great Team

Alicia Holloway

Stacie Thurman

Audrey Cole

J.R. Petersen-Thrivent

Tracy Luccketta

Tommy Davidson

Catoosa County Chamber

Lionhearts Fitness Center 4075 Cloud Springs Rd

Gateway Business Center

Lionhearts is all about our children, or is it? It’s ALL about our COMMUNITY and our youth are the foundation of the future of our community. 
We have partnered with many amazing servants of our community. PLEASE

Check them out here: 


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Camps were spectacular this year! 

#Mentors Matter 

The visit and seminar presentation of
Rachel Watters, was phenomenal at Lionheart’s Fitness.
We have been blessed with speaking engagements in the past. We seriously believe that


Rachel contacted me at a time that was very, very hard for me. She wanted to give back to the OCR community and loved seeing what the Lionhearts Fitness Center was doing.
Her desire to serve, help, love, and spread joy, validated everything I want Lionheart’s Fitness to be.
Of course the youth and Community see this world champion who has won more races than anyone I know, and I think she has raced in at least 200 races, podium grabbing most.
One touch, one flicker of light, of genuine, strong, intentional, light, empowers our youth and community as a whole, unlike anything I have ever seen.
May we be the light that Rachel was in our day.
Mentors Matter, Friends Matter, Community Matters.
Sponsors are necessary and I want to thank every one of you. Be the light it is so necessary.
I see a flicker..

Current article explaining who we are at Lionhearts Fitness .

Thank you for making us the Best of the Best and then voting to let the world know!

Best of the Best : Place to take your kids and Non Profit!

Donation Opportunities 

Empowering Mind Body and Soul


Thank you for your support of Lionhearts Fitness

Lionhearts Fitness and James Howard “This and That” 2-20-19





We will only provide monthly community service in safe environments. 

We have helped with tornado relief and making masks this whole time. We never stopped serving our community. We hope you join us in finding ways to serve, even during social distancing.

Questions? Email is best

Thank you for making us the Best of the Best place to take your kids!

This is a time for all of our Lionhearts Mission Statement to come ALIVE in our actions.

Mission: To empower our community, to face obstacles, knowing their worth, as well as becoming stronger physically.
For the community, provided by the community, to serve the community