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2019 Season:
Many of our youth, at minimum 20, received their Spartan Kids Trifecta this year!!

Our very own Arianna Phillips qualified for Spartan Kids World Championships. Our first year racing.

Luccketta received his adult trifecta while running his Beast in 4.3 missing zero obstacles.

We are OCR people!!

Some Highlights:

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Our OCR (Obstacle Course Racing Team) has been working very hard to prepare themselves for this race season, and for life in general.


We had a blast as a team at the Atlanta (Lake Lanier) Spartan Race April 13th 2019. 


We had quite a few youth racing in the Spartan Kids Race -Team Lionhearts

We will be running again at the Panther Race June 1st and Spartan Asheville Sprint (14 and over) and Spartan Kids (2 miles this time!) July 27th

Our Coaches will be getting their Obstacle Specialist Training/Certificates on the 26th! How exciting.

Here are our Lionhearts OCR Youth and Coaches: (More photos on our Facebook Page.)

We are complete supporters of More Heart Than Scars and are developing our own group of adaptive athletes called LionsROAR

Many of our Lionhearts team raced March 8th at the Terrain Race at the same venue. We didn’t go as a team, but many youth raced with their parents (including my son.)

I am sure the work we all do together prepared us all for the Terrain race, preparing us for a wonderful Obstacle Course Race Season.

We are still asking for donations to help pay for races, shirts, shoes for all the youth that can not afford it. The donate/sponsor a child/race/camp buttons are throughout the site.

The OCRAddix, (Our partner adult OCR team) have graciously donated the T-shirts (we provide screens etc,) for our upcoming Spartan Race. We will be selling the overage if you are interested.

 Thank you OCRAddix for everything.



Mission: To empower our youth to face fears and conquer obstacles, knowing their worth, building self-worth as well as becoming stronger physically.

Obstacle Racing, particularly in team racing, develops community, unity, strength and empowerment by helping others. No one is left out nor left behind. If one person can’t do an obstacle, their teammate will help, or even do the obstacle for them. Everyone has their favorite strength and obstacle. Together we face them and are victorious.

Team building is essential as is individual empowerment.
My personal story is witness to this.

We want to empower our youth.         

Encourage, invigorate and empower our youth in preparation for Obstacle Course participation. We call it racing and perhaps someday they will compete, but for now we want to get them prepared to participate and finish their races. (A long-term goal might be to have our own competitive teams.)

Physically and mentally prepare for: Spartan Racing, Bonefrog, Tough Mudder etc.
Host our own Obstacle course races and challenges.
Host OCR Birthday parties with awards and prizes.

Weekly classes at OHS


We have our OCR conditioning and training classes weekly at Our House studios, in the OCR Room. Tues and Thursdays 5-6 and 6-7 or come to both for a variety of coaching styles. 

We will be participating in races, team building and offering many community service opportunities. 

No one is left behind. Ask us how we can help you, if you need it, (or sponsor a child yourself!)

We need to pay our bills, but we want all youth to be afforded this opportunity. We will be soliciting sponsorship for races and uniforms.

Anyone who wants to participate, and can not afford it, WE will make certain they are included. This is a community service for our community.

We would like to tell you more about it. Please contact us with any questions and for further details. We would like to ask you to help us promote this wonderful new program. We believe it is the first of its kind, at least in this area.
~shell, creator and facilitator