Atomic Ninja Jackson/Dash

Jackson Aultman, AKA Atomic Ninja Jackson/Dash (OCR.)


An amazing human, athlete, man, student, mentor and coach.

Writing about Jackson would be empty without the the inclusion of his foundation:
 Shelly Aultman and Amy. You may read my take on it here: More than a Gym Mom, A Firm Foundation. 



Jackson, a young man with super human powers, a Ninja Warrior since the age of 6, now, Alabama Young Athlete of the Year.

Jackson is also an accomplishment OCR athlete, where the OCR Team OCR TRIBE Gave him the name Dash.

Superior talents, exceptional work ethic and a love for nature, community and his fellows, much like OCR Luccketta

The two can often finish each other’s sentences. It’s a beautiful bond. Yet, Luccketta was this was this way long before they met, as was Jackson.

Jackson, wise beyond his years, Luccketta choosing to hold onto his youthfulness as long as he can. They seem to meet in the middle.

Jackson has competed in many contests and races, astounding everyone with his super powers.

He is also an exceptional coach. I have seen him work wonders in both his gym and the Lionhearts Fitness Center. Wise beyond his years with experience to back it up. Yet, no one knows what is next for Jackson:  Ninja? OCR? Theater? Science, Microbiologist…a man of so many talents and enjoying every last bit of it.

He does it for no other reason than to expand his horizons and better himself.

Zero ego, community servant even.

We so look forward to seeing what God does in this young man’s life.

He is, and will always be, a coach and mentor for our Lionhearts.

We admire, support and love him. He took it upon himself to visit our youth and gift them with over 1k to help them race. A true community servant, just like his family.

We are honored. Watch him! On Facebook and on IG and of course on our Lionhearts Webpage.