Lionhearts Fitness 



Lionhearts Fitness was very busy Jan 2020 with various community service activities even though we were hit with a global pandemic.

2021 was blotchy with service work, but we continued to serve.

Community Service is vital, to Lionhearts Fitness. It is our foundation.

During the pandemic we created virtual learning camps, stations and opportunities. We had courses, workshops and opportunities for play, in a very trying time. Our Lionhearts Homeschool Community was vital to our community, sharing their experience and tools of virtual learning. 

We provided warmth to the cold, flags for the veterans, foodcards to the street community, gifts to the foster program, community in schools summer camps and Christmas Carols and cards to retirement . Independent living homes. 


Cleaning creeks, bringing our obstacles and message to schools etc.

This is a vital and foundational importance to our organization. 

Here are some photos of Jan 2020


Community Service 2019


Our Community Service for the month of APRIL:

Thanks to


Earth Day! Clean Catoosa Project. Over 30 participants throughout Catoosa County (Lionhearts is serving Hamilton County and Catoosa County.)

It was a wonderful success! My favorite part was Lionhearts Fitness adopted one of our favorite places to upkeep: A section of the Chickamauga! Thanks to an amazing program WaterWays





Team Work

Braving the elements. Stepping out of your comfort zone to help others. Serving your community. Together.

We are Lionhearts



This day we cleaned a creek area, after the rains, in 30o weather. Next time we will help serve food to the hungry, the next? And the next?

We are the community! We are the future of your community. We serve the community. 

We are Lionhearts.

Supported and funded by the community, to build better communities.



We face obstacles, life, challenges, together. We brave the elements, face our fears, and are never alone.


We are Lionhearts.