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My dear friends Charles Tank Lukancich and Elizabeth Lukancich are venturing out to help even MORE adaptive athletes.

Charles says:

Meet Hunter Neil, 27 years old, an outdoor type, kind of guy, who gets down, somewhat depressed, and thinks there is nothing , especially a sport, that he can do being in a wheelchair.
His hopes are currently higher with thoughts of him participating in a Tough Mudder. He is actually getting excited. We are trying our best to get this man as active as he dreams.

This is why we are working on funds for the wheelchair that will best suit his and others’ outdoor needs. Our desire is to be there 100% for him and to have him join us on the course.

Charles “Tank” Lukancich has taken this task as his own. He has sold some beautiful Tough Mudder Memorabilia to the “Mudder Family.”
He has already raised some of the money needed to buy this $4K Wheelchair, aptly named the GRIT FREEDOM CHAIR: Spartan

It will need accessories to make it even safer for Hunter and other adaptive athletes, such as straps, etc. Tank will take care of that.

Both Tank and his wife Elizabeth have been working with adaptive athletes on course, even leading the wheelchair athletes through many Spartan and TM Races. They are experts in this arena, unlike me!

Lionhearts is helping with this fundraiser, as a way to give back. We have donated a TM Season Pass to Raffle off (Earned as a TM Brand Ambassador Lead, ask us how.)

$100.00 Plus donation is an entry into a Tough Mudder Season Pass Raffle (To be determined by a LIVE Wheel Spin as soon as all funds have been collected to purchase the wheelchair.)

$500.00 Plus donation purchases a SPONSORSHIP Patch to be added to Chair Sleeve (Created separate to hang on the Chair, to preserve integrity of the Chair.)

$4K Is needed for purchase.

This is not a tax deduction. This is a Charles and Elizabeth run fundraiser to help the community, with the help of Lionhearts.