Lionhearts Online Camp


Lionhearts Fitness started a Day Camp immediately when Catoosa County GA, Hamilton County TN and neighboring cities were closing down their schools because of the Coronavirus. 

We had Day Camps just like we hold in Summer and Spring.


We had art, fitness, games and team building.

Then because the situation became even more grave, we have taken our Camp online.



We have created Lionhearts Online Camp

We have started a nightly (M-F) Zoom Gathering. Zoom #586 839 3473 The room is PW protected for our youth’s safety.

Ages are, the same online as we have at our Lionhearts Fitness Center: 5-22

What is it?

We are Lionhearts! We will have fitness classes, community chats, community service (How? Oh there is so much we can do from our home. Coach Squishy and I are making face masks. What can you do? Can you paint some paintings and maybe sell them? Make some artwork of some cats and dogs and then use the money you raise to help provide food for animals and people who can’t get out to help. Oh there are so many ways we can help our Community from home! We will have lists and ideas sheets.
We will have activities and daily workouts posted. We want the youth to give us their photos and videos to share with others. Let’s empower each other. Who are we? We are Lionhearts!! What do we do? We help people.
This is the page where you will find :
Daily Roll the Dice Workout
Videos from coaches and mentors
Photos and videos of encouragement from Lionhearts
Music from Lionhearts
We are here for each other, most of all we will be triumphant in this season.
This is the GREATEST Obstacle course we have faced (in my lifetime) and together we can conquer any obstacle.

We have just added this page 3/24/ 2020 but have all of the videos and files on our Facebook Pages.
The youth brought to my attention that many of them do not use social media, so this will become the hub for all files, videos and goodies.
It will be updated daily. We will have the past 2 days uploaded by this evening. Thank you!

~Coach shell


These will be more organized shortly.

Day 1

Lionhearts Fitness Online Camp.
Roll Dice workout in video.

Any exercise or stretch that you do not know. Please contact Luccketta or Squishy for a video or Zoom instructions. (

Most Lionhearts should already know how to do all of these workouts. We have many new youth and some are just joining us now. We are here to help.

Standing feet together toe touches 10 sec
Standing feet apart center touches 10 sec

Sitting feet together toe touches 10 sec
Sitting feet apart center touches 10 sec

Arms Stretches
Over windmills 10sec
Under windmills
Superman Reaches 10 reps
Sky reach 5 sec.

In a downward dog position, feet apart, opposite hand to opposite foot -toe touch 15

WORKOUT (Turn the music UP)

Circuit 4×

10 star jump burpees
15 situps
10 weighted squats *find a jug of milk, kettle bell, cat…etc..
Planks time self and report time or present video. Do this daily and beat your record.

Jump rope, same as plank. Do as many as you can , daily, report it to your coaches and try to beat it daily.




Day 2

Stretches Circuit x3

Ball Reaches +Ball Toe Touches 10 x

Stand Up Windmills Toe Touches 10 x

Arm Rotations forward 10 seconds  Arm Rotations Backwards 10 seconds




Backpack curls 20x

Frankensteins 10x with Backpack

Flutterkicks 30 seconds

Lunge Twists 15x
Jump Jacks 20x

Mountain Climbing