Victoria Phillips

Brennon and Stephanie Pamplin

Adam Loyd

Adam has a true passion for many sports, but the love he always comes back to is Martial Arts.

He’s been training in several forms since 94′ including Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, and Aikido.
Adam earned his black belt, and since then has trained in many facilities and helped numerous people along their fitness journey.

He has a passion for supporting our youth and loves helping people find their own potential. Adam has been OCR Racing since 2013 and is a vital member of OCR Addix

Adam heads up the Our House Run Club and our Kids Fight Club program. 
Catch his classes in the Fight Club Room at Our House Studios:                                                                                     

8:30 am Wed &Fri – Adults     
5:15 pm  Mon & Wed-Youth                                     

Cait Hogan

Caitlyn specializes in OCR! (Obstacle Course Racing) She is a driven athlete looking to coach others how to conquer a mud run, from short 3miles races to even 100+ miles!

She is a certified coach on:  obstacles, running technique, strength training  and even more!

She is the Pro teamer  for the Our House Studios,  Adult OCR Team: The OCR Addix!

Since 2016, Cait has run over 40 OCR races! Spartan seems to be her favorite , as 39 of those races  are Spartan races. Back in 2016 she ran her first Spartan Sprint and fell in love with the sport. She grew fast going from open heats to competitive, and now elite waves. Cait is currently running with some of the top athletes in the world!

Cait is becoming a star in the Spartan world and taking it very seriously! She says “It take a lot more than just training and running! You have to make sure that your body is getting the right nutrition for the harder workouts and I can get you there”  

Cait is the total package, very hard working and will do whatever it take to get you to the finish line no matter what obstacle you face!

Michele “shell” Luccketta

Coming Soon:

Tommy Davidson, Ginger Sillery, Monica Desjardins, Thom Lerch, Eric McGaffic